How To Make a Perfect Sale’s Follow-Up Using vTiger CRM

We all know that sales’ follow-up is a critical component in creating new business, and that the easiest way to lose a sale is to fail to follow up. An efficient follow-up procedure is critical to any customer development action you might take. Therefore, here are some techniques to improve your follow-through using vTiger CRM.

1. Maintain all information about the client or prospect in one central location

Use a customer relationship management tool like vTiger CRM. In this way, when you need a name, phone number, or other information about a client or prospect it will be easily accessible. Do you think vTiger is too much clutter? That it does not offer the automation you need? Follow up these steps to make it work for you, and not the other way around.


Comments Section in vTiger 6

2. Document all follow-up actions and results

It may sound like common sense, but be sure to track every item and complete each action within your CRM. A great way of doing this is using vtiger comments section to record each time you have contacted or followed up  with your customer. Another, although less flexible way, is to add one new task each time you need to call, email or simply follow up with your customer.

No matter what’s your preferred choice, simply make sure you do follow up and record this information in your vTiger CRM.

3. Relevant and informational content

Constant follow-up is annoying. I mean, who wants to be asked each week if he/she has news about a project or new projects? Content marketing has been in the scene for years now, everyone is blogging, tweeting,  in order to attract new leads,  SEO, etc. Why don’t use the same content as an excuse to get in touch with your potential customers?  By surfacing genuinely relevant content and sharing it with your prospect you are proving your expertise in their subject-matter and opening the door for your sale to move on.

Do consider syncing your vtiger crm to your newsletter service of choice.. In this way you can manage your list from one central location, and avoid mistakes or forgetting to add your prospects to your cool newsletter.

4. Use vTiger CRM Email

Follow-up on deals via email. I find that the phone really interferes with our potential customers, so I almost always use  emails. Since the smart phones era, emails are checked and managed at all hours of the day. So, why don’t send an email from your vtiger CRM (You can use a email template to save time) and schedule a call in case you don’t get any answers? That would be a great way of saving time for you, and your customer.

5. Save for later the ones that don’t convert right now.

If you don’t convert a lead into a sale this time, keep the lead information and add it it to your marketing database. You may never know what can happens in a near future, so keep contacting him through all your marketing channels.


So, do you have any good practices to follow up on your leads and potential ones? 

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