Step 3 - Creating and Publishing Website

How do I publish or create my website?

While this question has so many aspects to cover, we will try to break it down to a few simple options which you can go through.

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I already have a website in my PC, how do I upload them so that it can be accessed from or

1. We highly recommend you to upload your files using FTP client. It would be the fastest and easiest way to upload the files which you already have available in your computer. You can get a free FTP client software from FileZilla which can be downloaded from

2. Whether you upload your files using FileZilla, other FTP software, or any other site publishing system such as Macromedia or Adobe Dreamweaver which uses FTP as the file transfer protocol, you would need to know these basics:

  1. When connecting, use the IP Address you see in your New Account Information email as the host
  2. Use the supplied username and password within your New Account Information email as the username and password
  3. The last thing is very important: always publish or upload your files INTO /public_html folder or /www folder. They are both the same thing. Make sure you DO NOT upload the files into your root folder or / because in order for your website to be accessible through or , the files must reside within the public_html folder.

Click Here For More Information on Publishing Your Website With FileZilla.

I don't have any website yet. I am just about to create one. How do I start?

This is actually not an easy question to answer since there are SO MANY options you can choose. It all depends on what kind of website you are trying to create. We do offer quite many site creation/building systems available for you to choose from. The question is which one is the right one for you?

Below we will try to explain briefly the tools we have provided and what kind of website would be suitable to be created by that tool.

Website Tool: Softaculous 
How to use:

  1. Login to your control panel (cPanel)
  2. Go to Software / Services. Click the Softaculous icon.
  3. Click the Install link on the WordPress install section.
  4. Fill in the WordPress set up information. The following is the necessary information you need to fill in.
  5. Softaculous will Check the submitted data and install the files to your server for WordPress.. 
  6. Click Return to Overview.

Now you will se your WordPress Installation in the Current Installations.

Other than these BASIC website creation tools, we provide a wide range of available website creation systems for you to use. They are all available to create specific websites such as blogs, e-commerce site or online store, forum or message board, photo galleries, community site or portals, dynamic site with content management system, support site, mailing lists, surveys, wiki or encyclopedia site and others.

To access these available software and try which one is the most suited one for your project, follow this guide:

  1. Login to your control panel (cPanel)
  2. Under Software & Services click on Softaculous / Softaculous Apps Installer
  3. On the left navigation menu of available software, choose one you like to try or install
  4. Follow the on screen installation
  5. If you encounter any permission error during installation, please submit a support ticket and we will fix the permission for you
  6. Please note that we only provide installation of this software. If you need guides on how to manage and maintain your site using this available software, you must contact each respective software provider and not our support. We do not provide support for this software other than installation.

The most popular and widely used are WordPress for Blogs, Drupal and Joomla for Portal and CMS site, Phpbb for discussion boards, osCommerce for online store or e-commerce site, Gallery for photo galleries, TikiWiki for wiki or encyclopedia site, Moodle for eLearning Software, and PHPlist for mailing lists.

More Softwares
More softwares are available under the Software/Services menu on your control panel. Click on BaseKit SiteBuilder, CGI Center, RubyGems, Ruby On Rails and Site Software to see the list of all available software you can use with your website.

Go to Software / Services. Click the Softaculous icon.

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