Who We Are


In everything we do, we believe all web professionals like yourself should be life long business partners to a Web Hosting and Cloud Computing company that takes them serious. You should get recurring commission for the lifetime of the client you bring to a Web Hosting and Cloud Computing company; remember you are the one who found the client and in most cases the client's shoulder to cry on when there are issues. You need to get paid for this value you add.


By making our products secure, reliable, affordable, inter-operable, integrating you to helpful support systems and providing you with an automated system to track & request payout of all your commission whenever you feel like it.


We just happen to offer Web Hosting & Cloud Computing plans at wholesale prices that enable you to put on a markup and still remain competitive in the market when you resell or just sell as is. Should the client come directly to us at a later stage, we still give you lifetime recurring commission on the Web Hosting & Cloud Computing plan they continue with us on, if you also still have an active Web Hosting & Cloud Computing plan with us. Remember you are the one who first introduced the client to us, so you deserve a share of the Web Hosting plan they are on, for the lifetime of the client on that Web Hosting & Cloud plan. Want to try us out? – click here to place an order now

Who we are

Do you know how Web Professionals are forever bringing clients to Web Hosting and Cloud Computing companies, and then they are just given once-off small meaningless commission and off they go, while the Web Hosting and Cloud Computing company profits recurringly from that client year after year and not a single cent thereafter is shared with the poor Web Professional?

Well, we help Web Professionals get recurring commission year after year on all Web Hosting & Cloud Computing plans they bring clients that subscribe to those plans. We are The Right Partner in Hosting.

Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (SiveHost) is a private company servicing South African, European, American, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. SIVE SETFU may be loosely translated from siSwati language to the English language as “Our Nation” , and Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is here to partner with Web Professionals in delivering reliable Web Hosting and Cloud Computing services through the use of OpenSource technology solutions of our nation.

Sive.Host was founded in November 2010 by a University of the Witwatersrand Graduate with the desire to partner with Web Professionals in building an inclusive and innovative African Village in the Clouds. Where people from all corners of the globe come together as citizens to innovate, united by the values and ingenuity that inspired humanity in the cradle of mankind in Africa to build a bigger world. By providing innovative, stable, and affordable cloud infrastructure, and with the commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, they strive to empower individuals and businesses to build their online presence with the same ingenuity, resilience, and creativity that define Africa's legacy.


To establish long-term partnerships with web professionals, providing them with reliable web hosting and cloud computing services while ensuring they receive recurring commissions for the lifetime of their clients.


To change the nature of the relationship between web professionals and web hosting/cloud computing companies, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem where web professionals are valued as lifelong partners and empowered to succeed.


  • 1. Provide exceptional customer support and service.
  • 2. Offer user-friendly technologies to our clients.
  • 3. Innovate by creating an African-inspired virtual community, "African Village in the Clouds."
  • 4. Automate business processes for efficiency.
  • 5. Attract and retain top talent to drive our mission forward.

Our Values

It goes without saying that we have an African origin just like all of mankind. A global citizen with very strong African roots that run deep into mother earth just like the Baobab tree. Our veins are flowing with the spirit of Ubuntu, just like the majestic rivers of Africa. As such our values are guided by the spirit of Ubuntu, hence Sive.Host is the only Web Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure provider that has a recurring commission affiliates program in the World.


We define quality as delivering what has been agreed with our customer.


Getting more time on your hands means our systems need to perform just as good as your staff or yourself if not better, this is what we deliver.


99.9% uptime is our standard SLA, if we don't give you this you have a right to demand a discount on your next invoice.


OpenSource applications provide the best value for money the world when you have the right partner to work with you, OpenSource is 100% in line with our spirit of Ubuntu.


We strongly believe business is about two things: 1. Research and Development (R&D), 2. Telling all potential customers about your results of #1 and how they may benefit from it (Marketing)


The beauty of OpenSource applications is in the curtesy to read and customise the source code to make sure no one has a self destruct bug that may disturb your business, offering the security through transparency.

Our Location

Why choose Sive.Host?

Custom Dedicated ServersSive.Host has been customising, designing, managing and maintaining its own dedicated servers to suit client requirements since 2016. This in-house expertise enables Sive.Host to prioritise the quality of its machines and to offer customers competitive prices.

Most amazing support in HostingSive.Host has chosen to provide in-house technical, billing and sales support to better understand the needs of its customers and improve quality of customer relationship. The only Hosting company with WhatsApp Support; the right partner in hosting

ComponentsSive.Host carefully selects each server components, prioritising high quality services and machines, which are both flexible and reliable.

R&D team and operationsFrom R&D to deployment and operation, the Sive.Host infrastructures and services are fully managed by internal teams of experts.

Customer References9 out of 10 clients using Sive.Host services are happy with Sive.Host as per last customer survey done.

SecurityPrioritising the highest level of security is top priority at Sive.Host. This makes sure your mind as a client is always at peace.

Technical PartnersIn terms of servers, software, network and even electricity, Sive.Host works in close collaboration with world-leading technical partners.

CareersFrom business development analysts, administrators of systems to developers, technical support engineers and many other profiles, Sive.Host recruits throughout the year to support the growth of the company.