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As we wrote you about 3 months ago that we will keep you posted on our latest outcomes of our continued Research & Development (R&D) from time to time. We are happy to announce that with our ongoing spend on R&D at Sive.Host, Sive.Host have launched a new "self-healing" cloud platform that makes it possible to do a live migration whenever a server destroys a component that renders it unable to provide the quality functions you have come to love and enjoy. This platform is based on Ceph array technology, distributed across multiple physical nodes with redundant power, network and storage. Despite challenges with suppliers during the COVID19 lockdown, we managed to source quality components to build our new world class cloud platform for you to enjoy. :)


We have also changed our primary Website Address (Domain) from to Sive.Host, I am sure you have already noticed this email coming from Sive.Host instead of Sive.Host is shorter and easier to share on social media memorable on outdoor banners. Both and Sive.Host are live, although when clicking on links on, you will be redirected to the same link but viewed on Sive.Host as the primary website address. Even is now redirecting to Sive.Host.


While we move your services to the new cloud, please do note that your IP address to your service may change, in most cases you may not even realise this; one of the reasons we are The Rigth Partner in Hosting. We apologise for the inconvence this may cause (if it happens you notice ;) ) and thank you for your patience as we do the upgrade. Please urgently log a ticket if you experience any challenges or issues, click here to see how to log a ticket with Sive.Host. We are also available on Chat on Sive.Host or on WhatsApp on 0738415369 if you need realtime support during our working hours. For more support to you, please also note that we have launched a free Sive.Host Support Consultation service. You can book/Schedule a Zoom appointment/meeting to discuss any issues from billing, sales, business development, future projects, challenges in your organisation relating to Hosting, Servers or Cloud etc. where we can share screens. We are available for these for just 1 hour at max, from 9am to 10am, and 12pm to 1pm, on Weekdays. To book, simply tell us your topic of discussion, Agenda (so we can assign the relevant person to assist you) if possible through a ticket and we will present you with available meeting/appointment slots on our side.


We would like to further remind you that when you setup email accounts on Mail Clients like Outlook or your Smartphone, please always remember to use as your Incoming and Outgoing Mailserver all the time for the domain: Also, if you happen to have remote services pointing to your servers through an IP address or hostname, please always let us know of this through a ticket so we can work with you to make sure none of your services break when emergencies like this ever happen again.


Once again, we thank you for your continued support, and we hope to continue being The Right Partner in Hosting to you.





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Monday, July 13, 2020

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