Moving Your Website From Another Web Host

Join the "Revolution" and break free today!


The "movement" has begun, so many people are asking how to move their existing websites from another web host to and start getting REAL VALUE FOR has compiled a step by step guide for you to switch to

By following this guide your move will be painless and your website will NOT have any down time at all, let's put you online!


Please follow these steps to move your existing website(s) hosted on another hosting company to and start getting REAL VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY:

Step 1 - Get Your Account
You can get your hosting account directly from, the website.

Step 2 - Transfer/Copy Your Files or Websites
There are two possibilities in moving your websites and files over to

Option 1 - cPanel Auto Move (cPanel accounts only)
A cPanel auto move or transfer is where you let technicians do all the moving FOR YOU. can do this for you IF AND ONLY IF your existing web host is using cPanel as your control panel and have bought a Yearly Hosting Package From To help you do this we need the login details to your existing cPanel account with your web host. That's it!. will do the rest for you.

Option 2 - Manual Move
A manual move is where you manually move/upload your websites and databases over to your new Account. All you need to do is to Click Here to Follow the step by step website publishing guide available here. Go ahead and transfer everything over to your new Account. If you need assistance from for the move, we require that you give us the FTP login information to your existing web hosting account and Have paid for a yearly package. We will help you with the move.

Step 3 - Test Your Websites
Once you or a technician has completed the move, you can start testing your website and see if everything is working properly. You may access your uploaded or published websites through the temporary URL we give you on your account access details. The temporary URL looks like this:






Try everything out and see if it works perfectly. If it does, you can go ahead and move your domain name to by following Step 4.


Step 4 - Complete The Transfer
Now that everything is working properly it's time to complete the move! There are two actions involved to complete the transfer.

Update your domain's DNS information
To update your domain name DNS info and point to name servers (which you get from your welcome email), Click Here to Follow This Guid Found Here.

Cancel your existing hosting account with your web host
After you have made the modification, wait 24 hours until the DNS changes have been properly propagated to reflect on the internet. Then you can cancel your current web hosting account with your previous web host.

That's it! Congratulations on making the right decission as many other have! Your success is our mission. Stay tuned for the many guides and tips on making your website(s) successfull. All free because you're part of the family now! Enjoy!

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