What is Sive Setfu ICT Solutions Refund Policy?

Customers may be entitled to a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Termination of service
  • Service credits issued
  • Goodwill gestures
  • Adjustments to invoices

In the instance where a customer has paid in advance for their hosting service for more than one month:

  • Should the customer terminate the service before the full invoice period is complete, Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd will refund the customer for the unused period, less the 30 day termination notice period.

Refunds are issued in one of three ways and subject to the customer’s payment method and payment interval:

  • the hosting period (date of next invoice) will be extended, or
  • a credit note is issued on the next invoice generated, or
  • the customer account is credited via EFT (only applies to terminations)

The refund method applied remains at Sive Setfu ICT Solutions' sole discretion.

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