We hope you are well and had a relaxing weekend.

Furthermore, please be informed that we have since upgraded the Sive.Host spam management system. This comes as part of our continued research and development onto finding the best fit for purpose technologies in creating the best user experience for all our clients, as any Right Partner in Hosting would do. ;)

You will find a new menu item on your cPanel home page called ASSP SPAM Filter. This feature will allow you to better handle your mailbox and will constantly "learn" what is spam and what is not in each case for your account. It will continually build a database to use for any future spam. You may set your own custom settings as and when, and can click on the links to learn more about what each setting means. 

You may also learn more about ASSP on this link: http://www.grscripts.com/howtofaq.html#spam_sens


The Sive.Host team hopes you will enjoy this new spam management system. Sive.Host, The Right Partner in Hosting.


Please also remember our update tonight, make sure all your email clients like Outlook/Phone use the encrypted connection (SSL/TLS/STARTL to connect to your Sive.Host mail server).


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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