Website Address Names

Did someone in China just take your Website Address?

Relevance. As of July 2020, there are over 1 billion active domains in the world, just over 1 million domain names, and counting. The sooner you stake your claim, the more likely it will be that your address matches your business profile.

If you want that professionalism to extend to your business as a whole, it’s essential to brand your online presence with your very own Website Address (domain). Take a look below and find out whether your website address is taken by someone else on the internet, or not.

SiveHost can help you:

Register a Website Address

Renew a Website Address

Transfer a Website Address

Reserve a Website Address

Why buy domains from us?

Credibility. Prospective customers will more readily transact with businesses with a professional, established online presence - made possible with a personalized domain. Correspondence. Once you acquire a domain, your email addresses will appear as “” for example. Custom email address go a long way in maintaining professional communications with your customers. As a World Class Web hosting company based in South Africa, domain name registration is the cheapest we have. The cost of the domain registration with us is next to nothing for you as our client. You are welcome to check domain name availability above to see what we mean.

SiveHost is the best in the business.

Protect Privacy

You do not want someone downloading your contact information and sending you spam. We make sure no one can see your contacts.

DNS Control

You will be able to point your website address to any server in the world. This way you can control traffic nicely.

TLD Selection

You can choose from a wide selection of TLDs, our philosophy is that if it is not there, tell us and we will add it just for you.

Website Address and domains from SiveHost are amazingly affordable

Country Domains

Amazing website addresses still available for you

TLD Register Transfer Renew R111 R0 R100 R111 R0 R100 R111 R0 R100 R111 R0 R100
.africa R890.00 R595 R590

Generic Domains

All your favourite Website Addresses in one place

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.com R260 R260 R250
.ai R1323 R1323 R1523
.host R1630 R1630 R1730
.co R978 R978 R978
.xyz R260 R260 R250

Instant Ordering

As soon as we receive payment, we order

Total DNS Control

You have total control over your DNS

Automatic Renewals

On receipt of payment, renewal is done

Branded Email Addresses

All your email addresses will have your name

Unlimited Addon Domains

Order as many website addresses your business needs

Blacklist Monitoring

When you are blacklisted, we remove you for free

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